Dear Guest, Welcome to Cascina del Rosone

The villa is an ”agriturismo” which means a private house with some apartments for guest rental.

Our main occupation is wine production from our vineyards in San Marzano Oliveto and Agliano Terme, in our private society La Mano Verde s.r.l. (“the green hand”). We produce biologic-DOC/DOCG and NIZZA classified red wines from Barbera grapes (Barbera d’Asti). Our wines has been recommended as top-10 barbera wines by independent wine magazines. Our cantina is located at Cascina del Rosone.

We very much like you to have a pleasant and memorable stay at Cascina del Rosone. Our policy is to keep the villa tidy and safe with as few guest rules as possible. The facilities include a locked car-parking area, free internet in the apartments and a guest barbeque.

Wine tasting with visit to our cantina in Cascina del Rosone is available for a small fee if you ask us in advance.


There is an electronic panel for opening the gate. On arrival please ring the bell on the outside of the entry gate.

You will have a remote-control chip with your room keys. The remote control requires a deposit of €50, – which you will receive back when delivering the chip with the key at your check out.

At your check -in:

You will get a short guidance to your apartment and the surrounding area of the villa, and receive your room-key including the gate remote-control.

Please have a print of your payment of your stay, in your car at all times. This is required by local tax authorities.

Guests should have paid their stay prior to checking in at Cascina Rosone.

We are required by the Italian tourist regulations to register the passport/ID of all our guests. You will be asked to provide you passport/ID on check-in.

Towels are provided for in-room use. New towels are supplied after 3-4 days.


Our Wi-Fi is free and available in your apartment.

The name:                             Cascina del Rosone guest Wi-Fi

The password is:                    Ask us on arrival for the password

Green garden/vegetable garden area:

This area is also for guest use. Please keep tidy and clean after use, including meals taken there. Our guests are welcome to take some vegetables and herbs for meals in their apartment at Cascina Rosone.

You will find information sheets about restaurants and wine-tasting, recommend by us, in your apartment.

Removal of your waste:

We are sorting the waste, so please sort your waste as follows:

  • Glass and bottles
  • Metal and plastic
  • Food an organic
  • Other

The waste area is outside behind the little Pizza house by the garage on the west side.

Washing/Drying of clothes:

We do not have any guest cloth washing facility.

However, if you hand-wash in your room, we have a post for outside drying located next to the green garden on the north side of the villa.

In case of emergency/ Hospital:

There is a hospital in Nizza Monferrato, only 10 minutes away by car, on the corner of “Piazza Garibaldi” in the city center.

Or call 122 or 118

How to get in contact with us:

 Eva, Manager and guest contact:

Mobile:  0045 26 27 92 06

Back up by Casa OK, Diana and Enzo

Mobile Enzo: 0039 348 77 95 554


Before you leave we will appreciate some words from you in our Guest book at our home page or in TripAdvisor.

Thank you so much for staying with us in Cascina del Rosone J

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Børge Richard Kolstad                                                           Eva Carlsen

Owner                                                                                       Manager and guest relations