Month: February 2018

Wine Tasting Event

The area of Piedmont is world famous for its wine tastings, with countless wineries in close proximity. Of course, we also welcome you at our Cantina in Cascina del Rosone for tasting of the La Mano Verde biologic Barbera wines, including our famous Amphora ¬†wine. Read more →

Family Holiday Event

You can relax at the swimming pool, make barbeque for lunch or dinner, visit some of the genuine Italian villages nearby and taste some gelato, reserve family dinner with an Italian chef at the villa to celebrate your birthday or anniversary, or just enjoy life together‚Ķ Read more →

Themed Events

There are fantastic possibilities for using the beautiful area for almost all kinds of training, among others: Cycling and running. There are four golf courses available about half an hour by car from Villa Vigneto. Read more →

Meeting Event

If you are going to have a team meeting or management meeting, then arrange it under conditions a little different where you get positive impulses for your team. We can make exactly the program you want. We can accommodate 10 – 20 people. Read more →